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Look to your audience! They are applauding, whistling, cheering your name. Some might be standing, clapping with their hands above their head so you can more easily spot them in the crowd. Do look at them, it’s rude not to acknowledge their efforts in adoration. You could just give them a wink and they would go crazy. Take a few seconds and think about why they are cheering for you— it could be as simple as having a good hair day, the way you tripped over your clothes earlier, or perhaps even your humbleness for not being able to think of a reason behind their adulation. They are easy to impress, and go bananas for just about anything you do or can think to have done. Now comes the time for you to address them. You can go ahead and give a little bow; put one hand on your chest and raise the other to show that you are both touched and ready to make your speech, beckoning their silence with small nods, finally drawing your raised hand down to grab the microphone. Their cheers turn into an even louder silence of anticipation and extreme respect for your words, as if each is a little jewel they can cradle in their hands. You can keep your speech short and sweet, or long and meandering— either way I now insist you actually speak out loud to them. Thank them for coming, then you can wing the rest. I’ll wait so they don’t have to.

[your speech]

When you’re done they erupt again, and the curtain closes until next time. The next time could be now if they give you an encore and you’re up for it. After your show they slowly trickle out of their seats to go home, buzzed from your performance and exchanging hushed words of gratitude amoungst themselves. Maybe you think about where they are all headed; who these people are that love you so. You might even recognize a few of them if you peak through the curtain. Anytime you have impressed or embarrassed yourself in any way, they will be there, in any fashion you imagine, whooping and cheering, imploring you to give a few words to mark the occasion.


an autonomous world existing in parody to our own
The point before reality is established, when you can give a child a functional object and one that is completely fabricated, and both are equally as valid because there is no point of reference make either true or false. Curiosity and frustration towards the limits of physical objects, and the reconciliation of those limits through fantasy.