(2018 / 2023)

(2023) 3 color Risogrpah Zine

Printed and distributed by Who Press’d Press
Available for purchase here and here

This collection of drawings and etchings situates the viewer as an observer, much like a kid watching an ant colony and wondering at its natural laws and functions- the microworld continuing on in organized chaos, unaware and unconcerned with the looming onlooker. Using familiar symbols in unfamiliar arrangements, there is a system of absurdity, chaos and doom. Worlds within worlds, this book asks you to imagine what we might look like to a giant kid playing with our globe, or perhaps what God might look like to an ant.


“SCRATCH VOL 5” (cover only)
Printed and distributed by Scratch Mag
Available for purchase here

From their website: “Scratch was started as a collective space for collaboration and expression of all art mediums.  It was originally intended to be a physical event showcasing art, music, fashion, and tattoo in March of 2020 in Portland.  As it became clear that we would all be socially distancing for a longer amount of time, the original concept was translated to print. Scratch is now a periodical multimedia art magazine that features a curated group art show for each volume, and an evolving web of connections for up and coming artists.

The magazine is meant to represent a community space for art.”

“Lose my Number!!!”
(2018) Limited Edition 1 color Risogrpah Zine